The Association

Our Story

In June 2016, at the ILA Berlin, a group of former EUROAVIA members gathered to found the EUROAVIA Alumni Association. The need to constitute a separate alumni association, independent from the main student organization, was becoming more evident every year.

The Founding Members of EUROAVIA Alumni at the ILA Berlin 2016.

Indeed, EUROAVIAns graduating from their universities did not have a place to stay connected with their former colleagues and EUROAVIA friends. Sometimes, EUROAVIA Local Groups had (and some still have) their local alumni groups. However, with the aerospace sector being global and international, it is very hard nowadays to keep a close tie with the alumni of a local group. This is why the EUROAVIA Alumni Association was founded!

The Association usually conducts its Annual Meetings at the Airshows with Board Elections taking place at ILA.  The Board and Executive Board develop and maintain the infrastructure needed for you to stay informed and in touch.

If you are eager to learn more about the structure of the association, you can find here the official Statutes:

EUROAVIA Lustrum 2019, taking place in Aachen to celebrate the 60th anniversary of EUROAVIA.

Our Vision

Keeping the European spirit up

Provided the cultural diversity that our continent holds, any European-wide action principles have to lay on the grounds of multiculturality, tolerance and solidarity. The Alumni Association will strive for an efficient cooperation among EUROAVIA graduates, via a proper networking.


The use of web-related technologies is here identified as a key to the success of this new project. Sending out emails to registered Alumni is nice but not enough.

Personal growth

Alumni will enjoy a comprehensive network full of referents to talk with and eager to help at all levels. This invaluable aid will make Alumni grow personally.

Career Perspective

Within the industry, holding a network of contacts within different sectors is a tool of capital importance when it comes to select suitable job offers and, on the same line of thought, to grow professionally.

Social connections

EUROAVIAns know well the importance of friend relationships. They get established at international events and usually last over the years, even after university. This is a key point in the strategy of creating and running an Alumni Association: provide the framework of friendship for Alumni networking to get better.


Training allows people to acquire new skills, sharpen existing ones, perform better, increase productivity and be better leaders. Nowadays, improving our soft skills in teamworking, leadership, communication, is of primary importance.