2016 – EUROAVIA XChange Bucharest

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2016 – Meeting at ILA Berlin, Congress Center

Foundation of the Alumni Association at 03.06.2016

2016 – Alumni Meeting in Valencia

During the 23rd and 24th of April EUROAVIA’s second Alumni Meeting took place in Valencia (Spain) the where both former and current Aerospace Engineering students from several parts of Europe met together.

The main objectives of the meeting were the discussion of the prospective Alumni association and to connect students and graduates.

On Saturday we had two speeches on Satellites and Space Missions (EUMETSAT) and “How EUROAVIA affected my life” from two of the alumni participants. During the evening alumni and students discussed in an Open Space session some topics about the Alumni and student’s relationship and gave feedback on the Alumni Association project.

On the next day the workshop “Creating your CV” was held by an alumnus. We got a lot of advice and learnt tricks for producing successful CVs  and thereby improving the chances to getting a good job. Afterwards there was a workshop on personality types and personal development. Knowing more ourselves and our personality is, with no doubt, a very important quality for an excellent team-worker.

As a conclusion of the Alumni meeting, both alumni and students won some invaluable experiences and knowledge. Current students learnt how their not-so-far professional future is going to be, as well as some tips to develop themselves successfully. The alumni got the opportunity to meet the new generations that make EUROAVIA work and their projects, and also got some feedback on the Alumni Association and how the current EA members feel about being part of it in the future. Finally, everyone enjoyed once more the EUROAVIA Spirit and met new people or reencountered their friends after many years of leaving EA. In just a few words: It was an amazing event.


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2015 – Alumni Meeting Leuven

During the Alumni Meeting held in Leuven (Belgium), 8 Alumni and 20 students gathered together and discussed about the future Association, delivered presentations and received soft skills training. The Alumni Meeting opened the EUROAVIA Congress and was a great opening for the event.



2011 – Le Bourget

17 new and old members joined this year’s Alumni Meeting. For the meeting, AS Paris helped us to find an adequate restaurant for this special purpose. We went to a French old fashion restaurant called “Le Café du Commerce”. The restaurant opened in 1921, we still had the feeling to be in this time period. It was great.

During the dinner we exchanged a lot of new and old experiences between the members. We heard a lot of stories from the old days and found out, back then – they had the same problems and experiences as we make now.