The Association

The EUROAVIA Alumni Association provides a framework for all former members of EUROAVIA to stay in touch with each other and the student organization. We facilitate maintaining the contact to old colleagues, to promote the exchange of ideas and to give an opportunity to hand down valuable experience to the next generation of young EUROAVIAns.
Most importantly: it is a network of friends.

In June 2016 the EUROAVIA Alumni Association was founded at ILA in Berlin. The Associations conducts its Annual Meetings at the Airshows with Board Elections taking place at ILA.  The Board and Executive Board develop and maintain the infrastructure needed for you to stay informed and in touch.

We communicate via email and social media to keep you in the loop on what is going on in EUROAVIA and inform you about opportunities to meet other likeminded people during Alumni Events. There are around three events every year including ILA or Le Bourget.

If you are interested in the activities of the EUROAVIA Alumni Association, its workings or the application process, we may kindly direct you to the following pages detailing the structure and procedures. You are also very welcome to directly get in touch with us at

Become an Alumni

Sign up here to get updates on upcoming events and activities. To become a Member of the Association you however have to fill an Application form which will be published soon.

The Alumni Association Board

  • Moritz Jung (President)
  • Ioannis Tsagarliotis (Vice-President)
  • Dominik Giel (Treasurer)

The Executive Board Board

  • Pia Becker (Event Manager)
  • Marco Marino (IT & Database)
  • Daniele Vangone (IB Delegate)
  • Andreas Lianos (Mentoring)
  • Arnau Miro Jane
  • Antonio Buonfino
  • Carlos González Hernández
  • Dillon O’Reilly


  • Flavio Tosi
  • Marco Marino