The Board Structure

The Association consists of the Members, the Board, the Executive Board and the Auditors. The Board is elected by the members to lead the Association. The Board is supported by an Executive Board and reviewed by two Auditors.

The Alumni Board

The Alumni Association Board consists of the following positions who are elected by its members.

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer

The Alumni Board Election Process

The Alumni Board is elected by all full members of the Association who joined before the voting started. The election process is held electronically prior to the General Meeting to allow absent members participation rights.

Candidates announce their candidature to the current board including a picture and a short motivation letter. The picture and letter will be shared with all voting members with the begin of the election process.

Members will be able to place up to three votes or write in additional names. The three candidates with the most votes will become the new board. They will then decide on the positions between themselves. In case of a draw between the 3rd and 4th place the decision is with the candidate(s) with the most votes to choose one or accept both into the board.

The timeline for the upcoming election is as followed:

Board Member Application Timeline
30.08.2020 Call for Alumni Board Applications
30.09.2020 Board Application Deadline
04.10.2020 Presentation of candidates, minutes and begin of online voting
23.10.2020 Closing of election

General Meeting
24.10.2020 Virtual General Meeting at 8 PM

The election will be conducted through to ensure anonymity and avoid fraud with auditors having the option to review the process.

To be entitled to vote become a member please fill the membership form, sign it and send it to us.
To become a candidate for the Alumni Board please send your application to

Example of your application profile:

The Executive Board

Appointment of Executive Board

The Executive Board is appointed by the Board. Executive Board Members can change during a term, but should also strive for a long-term commitment (at least one board term). The amount of Executive Board members is flexible and can be defined by the Board. Students can also become part of the executive board. This is highly encouraged, since it will strengthen the bond to EUROAVIA. Positions can be filled with several people if deemed necessary. Autonomous and independent working is encouraged for each of the individuals and between each other.

Join the Executive Board

Especially in the first years, activity and individual working/thinking is important, since many things have to be defined and decided upon. Join the team and make sure the Association develops in the right direction. Just get in contact with the Board or join the Q&A to find a suitable position.

Executive Board Positions

Positions can change or be added depending on needs, interest and availability.

Communications Manager:
The goal of the position is to provide continuity and insight into the working of the Association and EUROAVIA. The communications manager is responsible for the regular distribution of information to the Alumni. This includes emails, newsletters, Website content & print material if necessary. The work can be split between several people and the creation of content can be delegated to some extent.

Event Coordinator:
The Event Coordinator shall primarily focus on the regular events like the Alumni Meetings at the EUROAVIA Congresses and airshows. This includes being the focal point for the local organisers and the attending Alumni as well as setting up applications, agenda etc. Several people can join a team to organize these events or to split the events between each other.

IT & Database Manager:
The IT & Database Manager shall facilitate the work of the Association by providing effective means of communication and management through IT. This includes selection of suitable software as well as creating guidelines on the processes used by the team. A close cooperation with the IT WG is desirable.

EUROAVIA Delegate:
The EUROAVIA Delegate shall be a member of the IB very similar to the WG Responsible. He shall take part in the meetings and support the board. His primary function is an exchange of information between EUROAVIA and the Alumni.

Optional Positions

Following positions are not necessary for the running of the Association, but will allow for more growth and a stronger division of tasks. At this point there are therefore optional.

Alumni Recruiter
The Association grows stronger with every member, therefore we are looking for a person who will focus on contacting old and new alumni and support them through the transition into the Association.

Statutes & Bylaws
The Statutes as set up should be reviewed in the first year(s) after founding to align them with the Associations activities. Also Bylaws have to be set up soon to define procedures for the Board and General Meetings in greater depth. The position will work closely together with the Board and will review and amend Statutes & Bylaws.

Executive Board Meetings

The Executive Board and Board will meet on a monthly basis. Meeting times are defined through doodles that are sent out roughly one week before the meeting. The Meeting shall take around one hour and not exceed 90 minutes. The software used for the meetings is skype. Tracking of tasks and activities is done through trello, an online planning tool. An online powerpoint might be used to conduct the meeting. Minutes will be taken and distributed within the Executive Board after the meeting.